Over the past few years I have received so many requests for yearbooks which has brought me to adding this page to our web site.   It takes a while to scan the yearbooks and of course I don't have all of them but I do have several.   I will be adding more as I get them scanned.   I welcome anyone who would like to help scan.  Just contact me and we can discuss it.   Thanks to Ivor Parks for scanning some of the 50's yearbooks for us.

After several test links and with some of your help I came to the conclusion that the PDF Files are the best way to go.  You will need the Adobe Reader to view the yearbooks or to save them to your hard drive.  There is link below to download the Adobe Reader if you don't have it.    The speed of the downloads and viewing will depend on what type of internet connection you have and the size of the file.   There is not much I can do to speed things up for the ones who have dial up.

For further instructions on how to view or download these files click here

I've had a few emails from people who have had trouble downloading the files and yet others seem to be able to download them fine so I'm not sure what is happening.  If you have trouble downloading them please contact me and I'll see if I can help.

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Updated: 8-18-09  


You will need an Adobe Reader to view or download these files.

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1940 & 1942 Yearbook Added - October 2010

Scanned & Submitted by Pat Pentecost)


After experimenting with a few ways to make these yearbooks available, I've decided to continue using the pdf files.   I've added the size of the files so you can check to make sure the complete file has downloaded.  We still have quite a bit of space left on the site so I'll continue to add them as long as space allows.  There will probably come a time when I will have to remove some of the ones that have been up for awhile to make room for new ones.  So save the ones you want now.  Before downloading please read the instructions available for downloading. 

 Instructions for downloading yearbooks


TIS 1937 Yearbook - (25.04 MB)

 TIS 1938 Yearbook - (53.18 MB)

TIS 1940 Yearbook - (8.13 MB)

(Scanned & Submitted by Pat Pentecost - October 2010)


 TIS 1942 Yearbook - (6.10 MB)

(Scanned & Submitted by Pat Pentecost - October 2010)

TIS 1954 Yearbook - (35.39 MB)

TPS 1955 Yearbook - (14.36 MB)

 TPS 1956 Yearbook - (33.13 MB)

TPS 1957 Yearbook - (33.94 MB)

TPS 1958 Yearbook - (17.56 MB)

TPS 1959 Yearbook - (33.51 MB)

TPS 1960 Yearbook - (22.04 MB)

TPS 1961 Yearbook - (38.05 MB)

TPS 1966 Yearbook - (35.32 MB)

TPS 1967 Yearbook - (33.78 MB)

TPS 1969 Yearbook - (53.09 MB)

TPS 1970 Yearbook - (33.00 MB)

TPS 1971 Yearbook - (43.66 MB)

TPS 1973 Yearbook - (41.68 MB)

TPS 1974 Yearbook - (30.13 MB)

TPS 1975 Yearbook - (23.38 MB)

TPS 1986 Yearbook - (22.59 MB)

TPS 1987 Yearbook - (22.98 MB)

TPS 1991 Yearbook - (68.26 MB)

TPS 2002 Yearbook - (21.78 MB)




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